Previous Prayer Breakfasts

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Photo’s were taken at the 2015 Australian National Prayer Breakfast 

2016 – There was no Prayer Breakfast due to the Federal Election



The Guest Speaker was Mr Michael Ramsden, international director for Ravi Zacharias International Ministries (RZIM) where he is involved in a number of initiatives to equip and train emerging leaders and evangelists throughout Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

The Anglican Bishop to the Australian Defence Force spoke at the Welcome Service on Sunday the 13th of September and Rob Southerland, Army Chaplain spoke at the Seminar the following day.


Our guest speaker was Dr Michael Spence, Vice-Chancellor and Principal of University of Sydney. The Welcome Service speaker was Archbishop Christopher Prowse and music was provided by Alphacrucis College.

2013 – There was no Prayer Breakfast due to a federal election falling at the same time.


Our guest was Mrs Lulu Mitshabu, a Congolese refugee working for Caritas, whose work in supporting women and children in DRC is inspiring. The Welcome Service address was given by Vice Chief of the Defence Force, Lieutenant David Hurley. Music was provided by the Hillsong Worship Group.

2010 – There was no Prayer Breakfast due to a federal election falling at the same time.


The guest speaker was Mrs Gemma Sisia, a young woman from the New England region of NSW, who has created hope, opportunity and education for her adopted community in Kenya at “The School of St Judes.” Bishop Stuart Robinson, newly ordained Anglican Bishop of Canberra and Goulburn gave a moving homily at the Welcome Service.


Mama Maggie Gobram spoke about her work with the poor in Egypt, whilst at the Welcome Service Prof James Haire reflected on the peace process in Northern Ireland, and our need for patience.


There was no Prayer Breakfast due to the uncertainty about the date of the Federal election.


The Most Reverend Peter Jensen, Anglican Archbishop of Sydney address those gathered for the Welcome Service and the Breakfast Speaker was Mr Jonathan Aitken, formerly a British Cabinet Minister.


Bishop Tom Frame, the  then Bishop to the Defence Force,  welcomed us to the Sunday evening Service and the Breakfast speaker was General George Sada from Iraq addressing the issue of the War Against Terror.